LIMEIDE GTX350 Series Wired 104 Keys Membrane Keyboard Many Kinds of Colorful Lighting Gaming and Office For Windows and IOS

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• Ergonomic Design :The LIMEIDE GTX350 Series keyboard is designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable typing experience for extended periods.


• Versatile Compatibility :This keyboard is compatible with both Windows and IOS systems, making it a versatile choice for various computing setups.


• Colorful Lighting :The keyboard features multiple types of colorful lighting, adding a fun and vibrant touch to your gaming or office environment.


• Wired Connectivity :With its wired connectivity, this keyboard ensures fast and reliable data transmission, minimizing delays during use.


• Large Keycount :Featuring 104 keys, including numeric pad, the keyboard offers ample functionality for gaming, office use, and more.


• In-stock Item :As an in-stock item, you can expect quick dispatch and delivery, allowing you to start using your new keyboard as soon as possible.


Product Information

One: This is a wired USB interface 104-key membrane keyboard series, there are suit and single keyboard can choose.


Two: e-sports game chip, game office universal


Three: The keyboard has colored lights,press the second button to the right of the F12 to turn the lights on and off


Four: anti-splash, not afraid of water stains.





1. Unpack the product, remove the ribbon of the keyboard cable, and insert the cable into the USB port of the computer

2. When using this keyboard for the first time, the system may need to install USB driver. At this time, the computer will automatically search for and install the keyboard driver

3 after the driver is installed, the keyboard can work normally

4 Press the light key on the keyboard to switch and switch the backlight


1. Wash your hands before using the keyboard to prevent sweat and bacteria from contaminating the keyboard. Washing hands after use can prevent contamination by bacteria on the keyboard.

2. The keyboard should be placed on a smooth desktop to avoid falling and soiling the keyboard.

3. Before using the keyboard, be sure to carefully check the instructions of the keyboard and operate according to the requirements and specifications in the instructions.

4. Other items should not be shelved on the keyboard to avoid damaging or soiling the keys.

5. When cleaning the keyboard, do not wash it directly with water. For non-waterproof keyboard, it may become invalid after washing.

6. Don’t vent your emotions on the keyboard. The most common thing is to pat the keyboard hard when it crashes. On the one hand, it will reduce the service life of the keyboard; On the other hand, it will pat the sweat stains and dandruff in your hands on the keyboard.


Additional information


Gold, Silver, WHITE, Black



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